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Programmable Music Sequencer "re:code"

                                by MachiaWorks


■ Software overview

This software is a software that puts together an environment where you can write songs using a programming language in one package.

A text editor is built into the software, and it is possible to create music using this. You can play it immediately, or you can compose a phrase while playing anything.

 Since this software is still an alpha version, we are planning a lot of functional shortages and specification changes / additions. 

So, first of all, I would like you to try it in the form of something like this.

■ Usage environment

OS: Windows 10
CPU: About Core i5
Memory: At least 1GB
recommended HDD capacity: about 500MB (app is about 250MB)
Sound card: If you have a good one, the operation should be stable

■ Operation method

Please see the separate document "Operation Guide".

■ History

2021/5/27 Alpha version released
2021/6/8 Ver.0.2 released
2021/6/14 Ver.0.2.1 released
2021/7/11 Ver.0.4 released

StatusIn development
Release date May 26, 2021
Made withUnity
Tagslivecoding, Music, Music Production, Soundtoy, tool
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese

Install instructions

Execute : recode.exe

new button click : backup file create & clear source code.


recode_0_4.zip 103 MB
recode_0_2_1.zip 100 MB
recode_0_2.zip 100 MB

Development log

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